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Important Membership Opportunity

Price: $30.00

SKU: Sponsors



Help Boost The 2nd Amendment

The next Commemorative issue of Bill of Rights Sentinel will soon be in production! As requested by many of our members, we are once again filling the new Sentinel with ''intellectual ammunition'' in an effort to preserve All the Bill of Rights for All People.

This special issue honors Aaron Zelman, JPFO founder as visionary for 21 years. He has passed from this world; may his memory be for a blessing. Many of you already know of Aaron’s heroic accomplishments – frequently working with a bare-bones budget. For the remarkably impressive summary, please visit: The Freedom Flyer.

If you would like to be a sponsor to help with production and distribution expenses, for a $30 minimum contribution you can have your name in print on our contributors page and add a short comment (please limit to 30 words or fewer). For those who would prefer to subscribe by mail or fax, instead of online, there is a downloadable PDF file for printing out.

All sponsor names will be listed unless otherwise noted.

Please use the cart comments section to add a short comment if you wish, and if you wish to NOT have your name shown, please state that choice.

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