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Gran'pa Jack Bargains

Price: $9.99

SKU: GPpacks



Please note - allow approximately 14 business days for delivery. Stock is currently very low.

Starting with the 5 copy option at $9.99, we offer a number of choices. The more you buy, the more the cost per copy goes down - all the better to have your own supply to be able to hand out. There are also two options providing one of each copy sets.

NOTE - when ordering, please use the 'comments' section if necessary, to specify your issue choice or choices.

5 Copies (only $2.00 each). $9.99
25 Copies (Less than $1.85 each). $45.99
50 Copies (Less than $1.75 each) $85.99
100 Copies (Less than $1.70 each) $169.99
250 Copies (Less than $1.60 each) $399.99
500 Copies (Less than $1.52 each) $759.99
Starter Pack (1 of each. Less than $2.25 per copy). $19.99
Sample Pack (5 of each. Less than $2.00 each). $79.99

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