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Bill of Rights or Bust

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''If even two or three percent of the probably EIGHTY MILLION gun owners utilized JPFO's material, we would not have 'gun control' in America today.''
Aaron Zelman, Founder of JPFO

Note - the picture shown is not the actual DVD cover - if you wish to see the actual DVD cover picture please click on this link.

Some people think:

* The Bill of Rights is a retirement plan
* The Fifth Amendment is a movie title
* Double Jeopardy is a quiz show
* The Tenth Amendment is a New York City bar
* Rights are the opposite of Wrongs
* The 'free exercise' clause applies only to football players

Do You Agree?

Invest just a few minutes to learn about America's amazing charter of human freedom: The Bill of Rights.

This made-for-TV educational film brings the Bill of Rights to life with live interviews, patriotic and meaningful visuals, and accurate descriptions of every right. The DVD contains special features, including penetrating questions to stimulate lively discussion, and a spotlight on government agencies that may be violating the Bill of Rights every day. Watch ''Bill of Rights or Bust'' and help bring America back to America!

View the Bill of Rights or Bust website (now within JPFO)

Please note this is not a download, but a movie that will be mailed to you.

View the Introduction to Bill of Rights or Bust

To download the movie file of the introduction to Bill of Rights or Bust to your computer, click the link with your RIGHT mouse button, and select the ''Save target as...'' or ''Save link as...'' option (depending on your web browser). Then tell the browser where to put the file on your computer.

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