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Nazi Death Camps - The Results of ''Gun Control''

Price: $24.95

SKU: NaziDC-Film



Please note - allow approximately 10 days for delivery.

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''If even two or three percent of the probably EIGHTY MILLION gun owners utilized JPFO's material, we would not have 'gun control' in America today.''
Aaron Zelman, Founder of JPFO

WW II Death Camp Film

United States Army cameras filmed the conditions in the Nazi death camps during their liberation. We're offering a 60-minute video containing these films, along with copies of the Nazi ''gun control'' laws that disarmed the victims for the camps.

Nazi Death Camps - The Results of ''Gun Control'' is $24.95 VHS or DVD. Get the film, and for only $10 more, you can get the book Death by ''Gun Control'' - save over 35% on this package deal. All prices include postage.

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