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Goody Gun

Price: $9.95

SKU: goodygun


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''If even two or three percent of the probably EIGHTY MILLION gun owners utilized JPFO's material, we would not have 'gun control' in America today.''
Aaron Zelman, Founder of JPFO

We've unveiled a new program to counteract the unceasingly lies and dangerous propaganda of the victim disarmament (aka ''gun control'') lobby -- lies and propaganda mostly aimed at a captive audience of children in the public school system, and spread like a disease by the mass media -- while providing hours of wholesome family fun.

The program, called ''Goody Guns'', consists of a special cookie cutter in the shape of a semiautomatic pistol or revolver. With the supervision and help of the adults in their lives, boys and girls can turn their own kitchens into ''Arsenals of Liberty'' by making gun-shaped cookies to keep and share, while absorbing lessons the public schools would never teach them, and which the mass media don't want to see taught.

Our Goody Gun cutters are just $9.95 each, or order 2 for $16.95

Each Goody Gun comes with 2 JPFO ''Gran'pa Jack'' booklets, educational comics aimed at everyone aged eight or older. These booklets destroy every major argument for ''gun control'' while educating kids so they will know how to support firearms ownership.

You'll also get 2 mini toothpick flags to decorate your Goody Gun creations, plus a recipe to start you off.

For more information, visit the Goody Gun website at
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