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Gran'pa Jack #1 - Gun Control Kills Kids!
This comic book is number one in the ''Grandpa Jack'' series. Aimed at everyone aged eight or older, it destroys every major argument for ''gun control''. It educates kids so they will know how to support firearms ownership.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack #2 - Can You Get a Fair Trial in America?
Written to educate Americans that no jury need convict a law-abiding citizen of the ''crime'' of self-defense.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack #3 - It's Common Sense (to use our Bill of Rights)
The third in our series of Gran'pa Jack comics, this booklet gives people the history lessons behind the development of the Bill of Rights.

Price: $4.00

Gran'pa Jack #4 - Gun Control is Racist!
The ugly secret of ''gun control'' - learn why it began in America, and why it's still being pushed by racists.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack #5 - The United Nations is Killing Your Freedoms!
Learn how the United Nations, with U.S. Government support, has already laid the groundwork to abolish nearly every right protected in our Bill of Rights.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack #6 Will - Gun Control Make You Safer
Personal and family safety is on everyone's mind. Don't be confused by deceptive ''gun control'' ideology.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack #7 - Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem
Our most aggressive Gran'pa Jack booklet to date, Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem? exposes the underlying motivations of millions of anti-gun ownership advocates.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack #8 - Is America Becoming a Police State
Chock full of simple-to-understand and timely information to help you show people why gun ownership is vitally necessary at all times, but especially in uncertain times as we now have in America.

Price: $3.00

Gran'pa Jack Economy Pack
Five each of our Gran'pa Jack Booklets (#'s 1-8) for just $75.00 postage paid!

Price: $75.00

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